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The thousand and one adventures they had to tell

After the forced separation that forced us to stay at home, here we are finally crossing the school threshold for a new school year full of hope and hope.
EB5- 6-7 and 8 showed up, all smiles, on Monday, October 11th at the College, and drew a big smile on the faces of all who witnessed this joy of reunion.
The thousand and one adventures they had to tell, the bursts of laughter echoing in all corners embellished the College's speakers with a sweet melody buried deep within us for more than two years... Happy new year!

Horaire Receptions et Rappels

Bauchrieh, le 30 septembre 2021

Chers parents,                                                                                              

La qualité des relations entre l’école et la famille est fondamentale pour l’épanouissement de l’élève et sa réussite scolaire.

Pour favoriser cette coopération, le personnel éducatif se met à votre disposition selon l’horaire suivant, et uniquement sur rendez-vous :

اليوم العالميّ للمرشد السّياحيّ‎

الثّقةُ بالنّفسِ، المظهرُ المهنيُّ الجذّاب، المعرفةُ الجيّدةُ والعامةُ عن مجموعةٍ واسعةٍ من المواضيع، تملّكُ مهاراتِ الاتّصال الجيّدة، اللّباقةُ في الحديث، الحزمُ والصّبرُ ، الإلمامُ بلغاتٍ عديدة ....