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"Project Management" Workshop

26 septembre 2018

“Create Evolution NOT Revolution” … was a deeply inspiration day, filled with seeds of insight… 

On Saturday, 22nd of September 2018, English language teachers one more time had a workshop at SSCC_Bauchrieh enjoying the ‘project management’ presentation. 

 Some workshops are boring, some workshops are practical, but our workshop was completely a different one. 

In this engaging workshop, the presenter, Mr. Rene Karam, English language coordinator and the head of ATEL, awakened the creative spirit within participants’ hearts. He acknowledged the importance of ‘moderation and equilibrium’ in our lifestyles and encouraged planting the culture and atmosphere of moderation in our students lives. Moreover, he explained the importance of communication. If we don’t have proper communication, we cannot have a proper project. Technology does not play any part in human contact – it plays a very small part in human process – simply, it does not give dignity. Therefore, to achieve quality of a good communication, we must follow several strategies like: proper body language, understanding needs of others, sense of humor, intonation, tolerance and so forth.

When we talk about project management, we have to deal with many aspects like: teamwork, budget, planning problem solving, goals, risks, control, deadline…

After all, teachers, if you believe in your students, they will believe in you! If you have PASSION - you can succeed, PASSION is the influence on your students.