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#HygieneConference #rentokilboecker #ssccbauchrieh

28 mars 2023
On the occasion of Mother's Day, our school, SSCC Bauchrieh, recently hosted an informative conference for mothers, in collaboration with. Rentokil Boecker Company which was completely free of charge.
The conference aimed to provide mothers with insightful knowledge about hygiene, the causes of poisoning, and the benefits of landscaping services. The conference covered various aspects of maintaining good hygiene, including the proper use of cleaning agents, hand hygiene, and pest control. The causes of poisoning were also discussed in detail, with an emphasis on how to prevent poisoning through proper storage and disposal of household chemicals. Additionally, the conference elaborated upon the various benefits of landscaping services, including the importance of maintaining clean and well-manicured indoor and outdoor spaces.
In conclusion, the conference was an excellent opportunity for mothers to augment their knowledge base and ensure the wellbeing of their beloved families.