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Katia Khoury Mendelek

Katia Mendelek; a graduated student of SSCC Bauchrieh who entered the media world unexpectedly in 1991 after graduating from university with a bachelor degree in English Literature, when she applied for a job as a translator at LBCI. She didn’t know back then that she will be one of the greatest TV presenters of today.

When asked about the one thing she learnt from being a student at SSCC she immidiately answered: Commitment! Something she highly appreciates and is thankful for.

As for giving advice for anyone who would like to enter the media world, Katia advised to be aware about everything going on around us, knowing a little bit of every domain no matter the field of your degree, this helps you a long way in your career and your daily job not to mention that this is one of the hardest career ever, being known, seen and watched by this big number of people, who patiently wait for your appearance; the look, the clothes,

The topic you are going to talk about, is something stressful and hard. This is why in Katia’s opinion, one should be well prepared and informed and up to date about anything he will be talking about. 

Katia still remembers every single teacher who taught her at school, she remembers all the good days spent with her friends and she feels so proud to be one of the SSCC’s students since this school didn't only help in her academic foundation but also her character, way of thinking and perspective. 

“Benefit from every school day!! You will miss it so much, that you will wish u can come back!” This is what Katia said to every student still in school and still have the chance to spend his best days and make memories for life.