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Dr Layla Lahoud Rechdan

Dr. Layla Lahoud, one of our brilliant graduated students of SSCC_Bauchrieh, can’t forget how amazing school days were and how much she still holds to every memory built in every corner of the school.

She graduated from AUB with a Biology degree in 1999, General Medicine degree back in 2003, Anatomic Pathology in 2007.

She didn’t stop there; she left for Germany to come back with an Anti-aging and Preventive Medicine degree in 2015.

Giving her the title of “Élève Surdouée” with her picture on the front board at the school entrance; was one of the memories she could never forget.

Dr. Layla loved all the subjects given at school except Arabic and Chemistry; she couldn’t understand these two subjects at all.

Mr. Haitham Helou, Mr. Michel Karam and Mrs. Sabah Charouk were her favorite teachers and still remembers them till these days.